Teaching Imagination

Mrs Skinner who runs the 100 word challenge has a problem she is fed up with us (children) writing about vampires, blood and gore. There are much more happier things to writing about. Children are just not using there imagination and I agree.  This is were you can read more:


In my opinion I think it is all about the things we are watching on T.V. This can be helped.  When children are set to write  something make sure you set them something happy to write about, like a Birthday or Christmas day or Boxing day.  The picture of the elephant was meant to be a nice them but instead children wrote about people killing it. Maybe teachers could suggest a mood fo rthe piece of writing too so that children have to use their imagination more.

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  1. Ninjas – this is a super addition to the discussion. I would just like to say that I don’t expect children to write about happy things all the time. It is the violence I think is not good. Having said that there is a place for violent writing (the war for instance). I want children to really use their imaginations but I’m worried they either don’t know how to do that or haven’t got very imaginative thoughts. Both of these need help from teachers I think.

    Thank you again! I will send the link to your post out in the debate tonight!

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