Teaching imagination

Mrs Skinner,who sets the hundred word challenge, has had a problem. You can read all about it here:


She is fed up with children writing about blood guts and gore. And it’s true children who watch violent programs and play violent video games are more likely to write about all the blood, guts, and gore in there video games. And if they are writing about there violent games then they are not really doing that much work and they are not using there imagination.

Aa solition to Mrs skinners problemb is either say no guts and gore aloud, or suggest a feeling that the writing must make the reader have. Blood guts and gore is alright every now and then, but blood guts and gore all the time gets a bit boring and people won’t want to read about blood guts and gore all the time. It is BORING big time. So, lets stop writing about blood guts and gore – there is so much more to life!

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